Why NY Requires a Higher EPPP Score?

It does not. This is an old myth.

Every now and then we hear “I failed the exam because I needed a 75 in NY whereas every other state requires a 70.” While this could be a fair rationalization, it is not true.


Generally, the EPPP scale ranges from 200 to 800, where the standard score (SS) of 500 is considered passing at the doctoral level. While studying for the EPPP, we remember a clear explanation of this myth in an old version of the Academic Review CDs, not sure if they still have it. So, here it is:


EPPP SS=500 is equivalent to a 70% or 140 correct questions. Passing score


When you check NY’s website is states a “converted score of at least 75,” which may be confusing.


For unknown reasons NY uses an additional conversion of the EPPP score, so:

EPPP SS=500 (or 70%) is equivalent to a NY converted score=75


In short, NY does not require a higher EPPP score, their passing requirements are the same as every other state, but they use a different and somewhat confusing standard/converted score.






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