The Real Cost of the EPPP Exam

***The EPPP exam is the most important examination for psychologists in the US***

  • Very few people will tell you about the EPPP early in your graduate school career.
  • Even fewer will stress the importance of this last crucial hurdle on your journey to become a licensed psychologist.
  • Professors/psychologists will tell you that you are too busy right now to worry about an examination that will not take place until after you graduate.
  • Perhaps, like a trauma victim who has been through a painful stressor, they have repressed their memories.

Why is the EPPP So Important?

  • Because, even if you get admitted to a psychology doctoral program, pass all your classes, complete thousands of hours of unpaid clinical practica, pass a written and oral comprehensive exam, defend a dissertation, complete an year-long internship, graduate from an accredited doctoral program, and complete an underpaid year- long post-doctoral residency (in most states)…You will not be able to practice as a licensed psychologist in any state in the United States and most provinces in Canada.


  • The Real Cost

    • $350+ State License Applicationo State psychology boards have to approve your application (permission to take the exam).o Waiting time can be lengthy and fees variy by state.
    • $600 to sit for the exam (each time)
    • About 25% examinees fail the exam and have to retake/repay for it
    • Knowing this, few examinees attempt the test without first preparing with one of the commercially available study programs.
    • $600+ Preparation Materials (highly Recommended to Pass 1st time)

***Your graduate school training… no matter how thorough, does not adequately prepare you to pass the EPPP***

Many examinees have found the following areas require new or significantly enhanced learning: industrial-organizational psychology, statistics, and social psychology. Commercially available study programs include books, flashcards, practice exams, lectures on audio CDs, workshops, and online materials. The total cost of these study materials range from around a few hundred dollars to as much as $3000. These costs vary by study package.


Waiting Time

  • For state boards to approve your application (weeks-months).
  • For the ASPPB to process you application to sit for the exam after the state board approves your application (weeks)
  • Waiting to schedule to take the the exam. (Self-paced) Depends on your level of preparation and study time (3-6 months)
  • Waiting for the ASPPB to report your score to your state psychology board (weeks)
  • Waiting for your state psychology board to confirm that you have passed (or failed)
  •  Waiting issue your psychology license if you have passed and met all their requirements.


Lost Wages

  • When you are busy preparing for the test… You are neither working nor furthering your career as a licensed psychologist.
  • Neurotic and Existential Anxiety: Expensive study materials, exam fees, endless studying, waiting, lack of, or low income…all contribute to the stress. During preparation most will question why the EPPP test exists. Many will doubt their decision to become a psychologist in the first place. A significant number give up halfway through the process and work in one of the few areas in psychology that do not require licensure; consequently, restricting their careers. Others sit for the exam, once, twice, thrice, and occasionally four times, before quitting the process. However, most persist, and eventually pass the EPPP exam. Prepare Early.
  • Professors/psychologists will not stress the importance of the EPPP, because: 1) it does not affect them 2) your classwork, 3) your assistanceship, 4) their research, or 5) whether or not you graduate. It only affects you, long after you are no longer their responsibility.


Benefits of Early Preparation

          You will:

  • Save on many of the aforementioned costs.
  •  Have a better idea what content areas will be on the exam.
  • Focus your study efforts now, while topics are fresh in your mind-Be able to collect study materials gradually, thus spreading out their costs.
  • Learn and practice the advanced test-taking strategies required to pass the exam.-Be less stressed by the examination process.
  • Be ready to take the exam at the early and reduce your downtime after graduation.
  • Be able to get licensed as a psychologist and earn a decent income much sooner.


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