State Board Psychologists Allegedly Received Kickbacks From The ASPPB, Per IRS Complaint

DALLAS, TEXAS: As Verified by Public Records, Complaint Shows Named Psychologists, As Public Officials, Were Also Compensated by the ASPPB. These Psychologists  allegedly “personally and substantially, as part of their public official duty to regulate the field of psychology in their respective States, directly and predictably restricted the trade of psychology, to substantially have an effect on their private financial interests and those of the non-profit corporation, the Association of States and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) for at least the past 10 years.”

Materials Reviewed:

ASPPB IRS Forms 990: 2005 to 2014
State’s Psychology Board Minutes: GA, CA, NY, MO, VT

CONFIRMED LIST= Verified by Public Records, As Public Officials, The Following Psychologists Were Also Compensated by the ASPPB.

Dr. Carol Webb, Georgia’s Psychology Board

Dr. Don Meck, Georgia’s Psychology Board.

Dr. Jacqueline Horn, California’s Psychology Board

Dr. Fred Millán, New York’s Psychology Board

Dr. Sharon Lightfoot, Missouri’s Psychology Board

Dr. Emil Rodolfa, California’s Psychology Board (2009)

Dr. Steve Lewis, Vermont Board Of Psychology Examiners (2011)

The UNCONFIRMED List Is Much Longer, We are Currently Requesting/Reviewing Public Records To CONFIRM More.

We’ll Update This List Accordingly.

Letters to Attorney Generals Offices and DOJ Will Go Out This Week For Further Investigation.

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