Psychology Board Trying to Squash Bill Granting EPPP Alternatives

Collusive Wisconsin Psychology Board (w. ASPPB) Trying to Squash Bill to Appeal EPPP”

A Bill in Wisconsin that would provide a sort of appeal process for those who do not pass the EPPP.
Sources tell us the examining board is desperately trying to get the committee chairs from both the Assembly and Senate into not bringing the bill to committee debate.
Their behavior shows that the true nature of using this psychometrically invalid exam is to create a complacent pattern of commerce and protect themselves from competitors entering the field, NOT public protection.
#ASPPB #Pigs.
The Examination for Practice of Professional Psychology (EPPP) is privately owned by the ASPPB, which claims to serve its 64 members, regulatory boards of psychology. In a plan that appears to have been in place for a number of years, the ASPPB has decided to double the content and the price of its main product, the EPPP, from $600 to $1200, plus administration fees. Research has shown serious discriminatory results on using this instrument for entry-level licensing.

It’s time for Ethical State Board Psychologists to Withdraw from the ASPPB Scheme. We can Create a New AND FREE Reciprocity Agreement  For ALL, and  Without These Crooks’ Greed. We Can Create a New Valid and Reliable Test You Don’t Need to  Surrender You State Powers to ASPPB. E-mail  us at, and let’s get started! 

#TheNewAPA #APA2019 #NoEPPP2

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