Puerto Rico Psychology Board Gets Rid of EPPP

When Regulation For Profit Fails….Another Major Setback For the ASPPB,

The Puerto Rico Psychology Board is Getting Rid Of the S-EPPP (EPPP Spanish Version).
No one has passed the exam since it was implemented with the “Help” of the $8-Million Dollars Enterprise, the ASPPB.

Below are snippets translations for the news article :

“On 2012, the Puerto Rico Psychology Board amended the law to regulate the practice of psychology with the ASPPB.”

“Positions for and against the S-EPPP (Spanish version) have caused a major crisis in the profession. The lack of consensus has harmed the discipline of psychology in the country. This lack of consensus has prevented think about the true welfare of the discipline and the population that needs mental health services ”

“We recognize the importance of ensuring professional quality controls, but such controls should not be so burdensome that prevents that future professionals to serve in the profession.

“Allowing this would adversely affect the future of the profession of psychology, as it could cause a crisis for lack of professionals who provide services to mental health patients in our country, affecting the options and opportunities for citizens to receive treatment and therapeutic aids.”

“It matters to us for four reasons. This law could license nearly 400 applicants who were pending, the government’s confidence in the country’s professionals that are able to exercise our own licensing ratified, allows greater access of the population to mental health services and claims solidarity work of different professional groups joined us for the first time in a long time to make a claim in defense of the best values of psychology in Puerto Rico.”

“This is great news. There is great excitement among colleagues.”

Felicito A Todos Los Sicólogos Boricuas Que Lucharon Por Sus Derechos Y en Contra De El Esquema Financiero De Esta Empresa!!

Gracias PR!


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