New EPPP Study Guide 2015

During my six-month preparation for the exam, I purchased several EPPP commercial study materials from AATBS, Academic Review, and PsychPrep.I summarized, combined the written materials, and decided to create my own. This guide is a product of real hard work. It is comprehensive, detailed, and easy to read/follow. It is based on all three commercial companies. It was very instrumental for my preparation and successful completion of passing the exam. I was able to pass the first time with SS=593.

 My honest personal recommendation: I recommend you focus 85% of your study time on practice tests. Use this guide as a supplement to them. Because I have summarized the main content for the exam, with this guide, you will not need to buy any books or volumes from any company. If you already bought them, you can resale them at a decent value, and use this guide instead to write on and highlight as much as you want. Save that money and/or invest it on more online practice tests from one of those companies. I say one, because they are all alike.

This EPPP Study Guide includes (238 pages):

Intro-The Real Cost of the EPPP- page 3

Treatment, Intervention, Prevention, and Supervision– page 7

Growth and Lifespan Development – page 48

Diagnosis (and Psychopathology)- page 83

Ethical/Legal/Professional Issues– page 128

Industrial and Organizational Psychology- page 129

Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior- page 152

Biological Bases of Behavior- page 168

Research Methods and Statistics – page 183

Psychological Assessment – page 198

Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior– page 214

Test Construction – page 230


NOTE: When you purchase this guide, the complete PDF package is downloaded automatically to your computer, so there is no ‘waiting period’ to get an email.


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6 years ago

Hi! I just started using using your guide which I purchased several weeks ago and just wanted to know for certain if it uses DSM-V diagnostic criteria for the Diagnoses and Psychopathology chapter. Does it? Thanks in advance!


6 years ago

Is the guide based on DSM-5 diagnoses?

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