Louisiana Psychological Association EPPP-2 Tough Questions Unanswered

This is the Second Time the Louisiana Psychological Association Stands Up for Graduate & Early
Career Psychologists Against the ASPPB this Year.
The ONLY Psychological Association this Far.

There’s Something Morally Wrong when a Handul of Psychologists Generate Millions of Dollars, Meanwhile Graduate & Early Career Psychologists are Forced to Delay their Entry into the Profession by the Very Same People.

This Financial Abuse is Unacceptable & Must Stop.

Together We are Building a Social Revolution for Justice, AND

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“In a May letter, Emil Rodolfa, PhD, Chair of the EPPP (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology) Step 2 Task Force, said he was writing to inform the psychology education community “…of an exciting new development in the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards’ (ASPPB) examination program,” the addition of a skills test.

Rodolfa also said that ASPPB has a competency framework, outlined in a publication titled, “ASPPB Competencies Expected of Psychologists At The Point of Licensure.” In this document, authors list a number of competencies: 1) Scientific Orientation such as selecting evidence-based interventions, 2) Professional Practice such as effective interviewing skills for assessment or consulting skills, 3) Relational Competence such as communication and conflict management skills, 4) Professionalism such as defining limits of competence, 5) Ethical Practice such as recognizing when services are not necessary, and lastly 6) Systems Thinking such as interdisciplinary collaboration.

Rodolfa said that ASPPB realizes that adoption of this new exam by the licensing jurisdictions will require involvement of state and provincial licensing boards, state associations, and training associations.

The notice did not explain the reasoning behind the change, or what problems require an additional exam. The Times emailed Dr. Rodolfa to ask this an other questions, but no reply has been received as yet. Rates of problems in the Louisiana community fall at about .002 or .003, according to data on disciplinary actions.

The news of the new EPPP Step 2 Exam was met with concerns by some members of the Louisiana Psychological Association. Dr. Amy Henke posted to their list, “It worries me that as a profession, we continue to add cumbersome requirements and hoops to jump through for our Early Career Psychologists. Where is the data supporting that this will make future psychologists better/more effective?”

“Not only might this deter young clinicians from entering the field,” she wrote, “but it continues to align us with physicians.” She noted her concern about psychology following the medical model and asked where is the evidence that the model is superior. A number of psychologists posted on the list in support of her concerns.

Dr. Henke is currently one of the two names on a list for appointment to the state board. She is also serving on the Louisiana Psychological Assn Executive Council.” Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 7.05.42 PM

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