Louisiana Board Firmly Rejects ASPPB’s EPPP-2

“ASPPB is NOT a Regulatory Body. And has NO Jurisdiction in Louisiana to Make Decisions Regarding Licensing

While the dying American Psychological Association keeps taking hundreds of thousands of ASPPB’s “sponsoring” (hush) money, the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Psychologist (LSBEP) [as well as NY’s] took a firm stance against ASPPB’s invalid and necessary EPPP-2.

Early this Summer, ASPPB Retiring CEO, Dr. Demers,  stopped by LSBEP for a sleazy EPPP-2  sales pitch in an effort to persuade “resisting” jurisdictions. LSBEP was not impressed, and in a direct Letter to ASPPB told them we’re “not convinced that another exam is justified  by the current data.” Citing ASPPB’s own database, LSBEP stated that “incompetence is not even among the top 10 reasons” for psychologists’ disciplinary actions. LSBEP further stated “these numbers are exceedingly low and do not suggest  that public safety is in question.”

Consistent with the anti-competitive issues we’ve raised in the past, LSBEP expressed their strong concern: “any additional barriers to practice would be viewed as a market place restriction.” The straw that broke the camel’s back happened when ASPPB doubled-down, amid dissenting EPPP-2 backlash, and mandated that all jurisdictions must use their ($600 per person) EPPP-2, infringing on all licensing boards’ state-given powers.  So, one would not have been able to obtain formal results for the EPPP-1 without taking the EPPP-2. LSBEP made an unrelenting comment against the multi-million-dollar corporation: “ASPPB is NOT a Regulatory Body. And, has no Jurisdictions in Louisiana to make Decisions Regarding Licensing. “LSBEP considers ASPPB’s ongoing attempts to insert themselves into the regulation and practice of psychology an overstep.

Good job LBSEP! It is always nice to see a handful of psychologists in licensing boards standing up for what is right. We need more of you out there to continue challenging your local licensing boards, and “check” them on their self-serving practices. Review their agenda, minutes, respond to their public comments, make formal complaints against on those board members with clear conflict of interests (getting paid by ASPPB or APPIC). Challenge them, they are your market competitors.

Here is the Full Letter.

It’s time for Ethical State Board Psychologists to Withdraw from the ASPPB Scheme. We can Create a New AND FREE Reciprocity Agreement  For ALL, and  Without These Crooks’ Greed. We Can Create a New Valid and Reliable Test You Don’t Need to  Surrender You State Powers to ASPPB. E-mail  us at info@modernpsychologist.com, and let’s get started! 

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