GROUPON for Psychologists 101 (and other Clinicians)

Groupon (and similar social marketplace sites) are new and fast-growing marketplaces for clinicians.These have evolved rapidly over the last five years and have adapted to the needs of several professional standards–including Psychology.

*Question: Is it ethical??    Answer: Yes

Here is why?

Privacy and Confidentiality: Groupon is no longer structured in a way that it collects a list of customers’ names before the deal is made. It was called the ‘tipping point’ (so 2010). In addition to being a social and modern marketplace, Groupon no longer acts as the ‘middle-man,’ as they also created a ‘shopping cart’ for your practice, so anyone can buy your services and schedule an appointment with you right after.

Fee Splitting: Groupon’s fees are reasonable and for their advertising, marketing,  and shopping cart services, NOT for the ‘referral itself.’ Groupon charges businesses a marketing fee for advertising and promoting their offers. The same is true for listings in the yellow pages, website banners, and company’s listings. Consider Groupon as your modern sliding-scale.

Exploitation of Vulnerable Populations: In the past, Groupon deals weren’t sealed until a predetermined number of customers bought it (tipping point). That brought up the issue of keeping people in the ‘waiting list’ for a treatment deal that may not have happened. That’s no longer the case. Groupon vouchers were sold at a rate that allowed them to remove the tipping point. 

     How Do I Start?

  1. Get the Basics


  1. Review real life examples of psychology entrepreneurs going on right now:






  1. Have the structure to receive several phone calls and e-mails. Response and phone calls to these deal sites can be overwhelming. Your business may get flooded with customers and your reviews (along with potential future customers) will depend on it. Start low and increase slowly.


  1. Ensure your listing’s statements accurately describe your credentials: [Psychologists do not make false, deceptive or fraudulent statements concerning (1) their training, experience or competence; (2) their academic degrees; (3) their credentials; (4) their institutional or association affiliations; (5) their services; (6) the scientific or clinical basis for or results or degree of success of, their services; (7) their fees; or (8) their publications or research findings.]


  1. Get Started: Run a Groupon Deal


     What do You Get?

  • Peace of Mind to Thrive Ethically in the Profession.
  • Attract Modern Customers.
  • Flexible Marketing.
  • Advertising that Actually Works.
  • Growth on Your Terms.
  • Experienced Support Included.


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