Got My Psychologist License Back Today

This is a lesson about what not to do.

It took me seven years, six practicum experiences, a 2,000 hour internship at the UMASS Amherst Mental Health Clinic, and 2,000 post doc hours of practice to be ELIGIBLE to take the national exam for psychologists. Then I studied for 6 months and nailed it.

I eventually was licensed in Ohio, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico. I saw hundreds and hundreds of clients over 25 years, and supervised over 100 therapists.

In my current job as president of Southwestern College/New Earth Institute, I got to doing mostly administrative stuff, and somehow, one day, they must have sent me a notice to renew my license, but I missed it, or lost it, or who knows what—but I did not renew it. I didn’t even know it was up for renewal.

By the time I realized it had lapsed, I went to the licensing board and found out it would be a pain in the rear end to get it back, so I did not only thing that made sense. Nothing .

Time passed. I went back to the board, determined to get the doggone thing back. Now, I was told, I had let 3 years lapse, and that pain the rear end had been multiplied by about 5.


I used the same strategy. I was overwhelmed, and did nothing.

This year (2015) I made it a New Year’s Resolution to get my license reinstated. I had to find supervisors from 1979, track down documentation of internship (1987-88), get letters from Antonio, Webb, and Al, and take the Jurisprudence Exam. And pay a lot of money.

This time I did it all.

Lesson: Never let a license lapse. Just don’t do it. Even when you don’t have the money, find the money. Figure it out.



By Jim Nolan, Ph.D. from Southwestern College | New Earth Institute

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