California Psychology Board Members Unethical Conduct Goes Unchecked

“As a public Board member, Dr. Horn accepted at total of $21,600 in financial compensation from ASPPB “

Under California laws, public officials have a disqualifying conflict of interest in governmental decision-making if it is foreseeable that the decision will have a financial impact on her personal finances or other financial interests. More specifically, one of the five type of interests that may result in disqualification: “an individual or an entity from whom the official has received income or promised income aggregating to $500 or more in the previous 12 months, including the official’s community property interest in the income of his or her spouse or registered domestic partner.”

Here, Dr. Jaqueline Horn, Ph.D., License Psychologist #7218, was officially appointed by the CA governor as a Psychology Board Member on 10/23/2013, responsible to regulate the trade of psychology. She was reappointed by the governor on 06/03/15, and her current term expires on 06/01/19. According to public records (IRS Forms 990 below), from 2013-2014, and concurrently during her time a CA Psychology Board official, Dr. Horn accepted at total of $21,600 in financial compensation from the CA Psychology Board’s exclusive vendor of its examinations and certifications, the Association of States and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB).  Public records showed no recusals, investigations, nor administrative actions by the Board. None, even after we sent this complaint the Board on May 2016, suggesting acceptable behavior or deliberate indifference to CA law.  Dr. Horn remains active member of the board and continues to engage in governmental decision-making regarding businesses with ASPPB.

Therefore, Dr. Horn clearly has a disqualifying conflict due to violation of California law and unprofessional conduct as a public official. As a result of this violation, personally and substantially, as part of her public official duties to regulate the field of psychology in California, directly and predictably restricted the trade of psychology, to substantially have an effect on her private and financial interests with the ASPPB. Since the CA Psychology Board has deliberately ignored this complaint, there are no records of corrective action, after being made aware, we’ve request the governor to remove Dr. Horn from public office pursuant to California Business and Professional law § 2924.

2013 ASPPB IRS Form 990 =$6,000 (Page 7)

2014 ASPPB IRS Form 990=$15,600 (page 7)



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