How ASPPB Response to APAGS is Flawed (in less than 5 minutes)

1. Dr. Emil Rodolfa, was among the many recently exposed ASPPB psychologists, complaint shows,  that  as public official, he was also compensated by the ASPPB. While he was able to respond to this matter, he deliberately ignored responding to these allegations and went on on his EPPP-2 sales pitch (like all Agentic-Minded ASPPB Psychologists Do) . He allegedly “personally and substantially, as part of their public official duty to regulate the field of psychology in their respective States, directly and predictably restricted the trade of psychology, to substantially have an effect on their private financial interests and those of the non-profit corporation, the Association of States and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) for at least the past 10 years. Given his serious conflict of interests, any reports he makes to APAGS regarding this matter is flawed and should be dismissed as such.

2. Cost: ASPPB uses the sales strategy “for only .50 cents a day” and minimizes their abusive predatory scheme on vulnerable students  and women-dominated profession, by comparing the student’s total debt to their ‘small fee $700.”  They again and again try to insult your intelligence.

Without this: small fee X thousands on students annually =  zero millions of dollars in their account.


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Is not about protecting the public, but about protecting their assets and already established deals with Pearson as ASPPB CEO noted:

Inline image 1.


Sequence of Training Issues: ASPPB is selling false hope that time will not be increased between tests, yet they quickly washed their hands by saying it’s up to “each jurisdiction to decide that” (even thought public records showed they have paid psychologists in many  jurisdictions). So, regardless of the outcome it is up to graduate psychologists to endure the harm/consequences that will follow. Their general rationale is to impose EPPP Step 2 first, then HOPE to have a mechanism to follow APA’s sequence of training. While ASPPB agents psychologists, use the USMLE to sell the EPPP-2, they deliberately ignore the American Medical Association (AMA) recent call to End the Step 2 Competency Exam. This is truly Shameless.

Test Development: ASPPB cited the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, but has not answer our questions on how they imposed the Spanish EPPP in Puerto Rico in 2012, since then no one has passed this test. This clearly unethical and immoral, harming qualified individuals entry into the field of psychology and  services to the population. Whats ASPPB rationale? “”Well, it is up to each jurisdiction decide whether or not to use our test…we just sell this crap “… again “washing their hands by saying it’s up to each jurisdiction to decide that.” This is a disgrace in modern psychology,

The ASPPB has specialized in developing a new generation of Agentic-Minded Psychologists. This is Disgraceful.

The predatory licensing scheme will not change through dialogue. It will only change through a class action lawsuit.

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