ASPPB Denies Allegations, Complaint Status

Hello Psychologists,

Last Friday, the ASPPB Jumped on the Deniers Bandwagon and Denied the Allegations on their site (they probably don’t understand how Respondeat Superior works…but we all know they do.

Anyways, they’ve Claimed Complete Ignorance about the Complaint’s Filing Status…Despite Receiving a Copy It Directly From Us More than Two Weeks Ago. We Also Clarified Their Concerns w/ an Email Receipt (below) from the Licensing Department in Wisconsin & are Awaiting Response. We Also Have Evidence of its Staff Clicking Through the Complaint for Hours and more than 100’s+ times (yes, we can track that).

Email receipt




Predictions: The ASPPB will Deny, Deny, Deny, until they know what we have…then try to work around that…and/or attack the source, of course… Exactly as tested on a popular forum by Psychologists. They underestimated and persistently fed the troll, while revealing many of their own peculiar and entertaining self-views…many were easily identified through IP search and public records; especially, those in federal systems.

READ IT!, before they Delete It! (your can start at post #39)




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