ASPPB Sudden Financial Interests on the ‘EPPP-3’

ASPPB has Opposed RxP Movement Since Day #1. Its CEO, Stephen Demers has actively voted and written against it for decades (probably  because it did not benefit  his private financial interests with the ASPPB at the time). But now, the  financial picture has changed ASPPB has suddenly developed a new spark for the RxP movement.

Why? Effective January 01, 2017,  ASPPB (psychologists’ big pharma) will take ownership of the RxP Exam: Psychopharmachology Examination for Psychologists (PEP). ASPPB has underhandedly used its influence with Psychologists in State Boards to approve rules that meets its demands resulting in significant profits, doubling its assets to $10-millions of dollars. In no time, the ASPPB will jack-up the PEP price and start selling… Let’s call it the “EPPP-3.”

While the ASPPB continue to unduly influence its friends at U.S. and Canadian Psychology Boards, in creating more requirements for psychologists, so that ASPPB products can be sold in every jurisdiction,  master-level clinicians nation-wide are evolving, increasing clinical privileges, and gaining lobby. Counselors are conducting psychological testing,  social workers are providing direct therapy, and psychiatric nurses are almost a completely independent profession.  Hundreds of federal Ph.D./PsyD positions have been, and continue to be converted into  master-level jobs.

Psychologists seem to quietly stay at idle: “that doesn’t apply to me” they say, allowing untested requirements imposed on their profession, by a multi-million-dollar corporation, risking professional psychology’s fate. Either psychologists evolve, stand up for something, or risk becoming irrelevant as time passes.




ASPPB wants you to believe they are “protecting the public” by getting State Psychology Boards to do as they say, when in reality they are only protecting the future of their  bank accounts. Do not mind psychologists’ conflict of interests ethics clause, it apparently does not apply to them.


P.S. Planning on becoming Board Certified ? Expect the ‘EPPP-4’ for ABBP  by ASPPB in 3 to 8 years.

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