7 Tips for Taking the EPPP (Plus a Bonus)

To pass the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) you need help, a strategy. You can not just walk in to an examination center, sit down, and pass this examination without preparing.

  1. Prepare now! The most important strategy for passing the EPPP is early preparation. If you are in graduate school do not wait to begin studying. Be proactive. You can also take it early. Start your search for study information online. Learn everything you can about the test.


  1. Review commercial test preparation materials. Ask for, borrow, or buy used copies of one of the major study guide programs from friends and colleagues. Ebay is a good source. If money is not an issue, buying a new versions of EPPP practice tests: PsychPrep, Academic Review, Taylor Method, or AATBS.


  1. Flashcards are an important component of your study plan; especially, for important, difficult, and unfamiliar concepts. Use software, Apps or sites to create flashcards of the psychology topics you want to remember.


  1. Online discussion groups on preparing for the EPPP, like SDN are an excellent source of information. They not only discuss which topics you need to study for the exam, and how, but also offer advice on coping with the length and difficulty of the EPPP study process. Fellow examinees can be your best source of support. Search on Facebook for ‘EPPP Support.’


  1. Focus 85% of your time on practice tests. Realize there are specific strategies for taking this type of test. Learn how to take it by reading the explanations on why you got the questions right/wrong. It will help reinforce what you’ve learned or realize the mistakes you made (i.e. misreading), and take applicable notes for difficult materials. These can be then added to your flash cards bank.


  1. Develop good study skills and habits. Just because you’ve made it to graduate school, doesn’t mean you can’t improve your study skills even more. Have one day of the week dedicated for the EPPP, and study for about 3-months. If you want to fail it, try to cram for the national psychology exam.


  1. Prevent Stress. Anxiety. Discouragement. Learn how to remain calm, focused, and motivated while thinking about studying… while studying…. before the exam… and during the exam. Repeat after me, “It’s just a test, my survival does not depend on this.” Learn how to relax and meditate for 10-minutes. Youtube is a good free source. Eat right, exercise, go out, and socialize. Get enough sleep. Don’t study all the time. Taking care of yourself in this way will improve your effectiveness Those with social test/performance anxiety should consult with their PCP to see if a beta-blocker trial (Inderal) is warranted by physician.



*We hope that you find these tips helpful. More importantly, we hope that you understand why you should begin studying for the EPPP*


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4 years ago

Hello, I would like a free copy of your retired EPPP test questions. I shared your site on my FB page and on my cohort’s page (private).


Nina T

3 years ago

My survival depends on this exam, I have a child to support and I can work as a psych assistant for less than 2 years, I don’t know what I should do If I don’t pass the exam, I will lose my house and my job, so what you said is just true for those who are financially supported, I know so many people like that.

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