Psychology Licensing Board Discriminated Against Veterans By Enforcing ASPPB-Driven Rules

MADISON, WISCONSIN: Psychology Licensing Board Allegedly Discriminated Against Veteran and Licensed Psychologist By Enforcing ASPPB-Driven Rules, Deliberately Ignoring 2012’s Wisconsin Act 120 , Merely to Support its’ Board Members’ Confusingly Close Relationships with the 8-Million Dollar Enterprise for the Last 30-Years.

Will State Senators and Assembly Representatives, who worked tirelessly to put this Act 120 together for Veterans, allow this injustice to go on?

We Seriously Doubt it.






How Did the ASPPB Respond to Recent Antitrust Allegations?? 

AUSTIN, TEXAS: The ASPPB have failed to respond to recent allegations on its alleged anticompetitive scheme, yet they had the audacity to respond with another Sales Pitch Imposing the EPPP-2 onto Early Career Psychologists (even at renewal).

It was all funny business until the non-profit “corporation,” ASPPB, started messing with the pockets of the already established  businesses: Early Career Psychologists. So, right after its CEO “Puppet Demers,” as referred by angered psychologists, submitted his iconic video, the ASPPB received an avalanche of criticism. “Puppet Demers” hastily deleted/blocked individuals critiquing ASPPB on social media as an attempt to silence unhappy psychologists. He continued by justifying that “the Boards wanted it,” but ignored its current conflict of interest by having ASPPB members infiltrated into state board rule-making process.

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Here are few responses from concerned Psychologists:

  • “It is not as though to become a psychologist one sits in a classroom for 5 years with no clinical training or assessment of those skills.  There are multiple steps we must successfully pass to assure those areas of competence are already in place that the CEO mentions in the video ASPPB put out(e.g. things like professionalization group, clinical competency projects as part of practicum).”


  • “I don’t think that the path to licensure should be easy. But it shouldn’t be made almost impossible for psychologists-to-be who have put in the work and jumped over every hurdle adequately to get there. I am concerned as well of the financial aspect here (I’ll just say it – this smacks of profiteering to me) and I don’t think the EPPP should be in the business of placing young psychologists further into debt.”


  • “I am really bothered by this EPPP Step 2.  It has been almost a decade since I took the EPPP but I found the exam to be cumbersome and irrelevant. I am saddened by new psychologists having to go through not 1, but 2 exams, large expenses, and additional costs for any other specializations they need or chose to obtain.”


  • “I would have to agree, this appears to be a way to make money somewhere along the line, regardless of the ASPPB’s nonprofit status…With so many other fields getting into the practice of mental health care and often with a master’s degree as point of entry, it does seem one more assessment is overkill for doctorate level psychologists.”


  • “I take issue with the idea that a multi-step EPPP is like other exams required for healthcare professionals.  It absolutely is not, at least not as it is proposed (based on the information listed on the website provided)…If ASPPB wants to create something like the USMLE, then they need to actually do so, and not just tack on another flawed step to an already flawed exam. And this doesn’t even address the fact that MDs have significantly more earning power than psychologists, so the cost of a multi-step exam is potentially not as burdensome to them.”



ASPPB is a private business in the interest of doubling or tripling their $1 million dollars/yr revenue to pay themselves, corrupt board members, and its anticompetitive business operation. This issue further solidifies allegations of the ASPPB anticompetitive scheme and its successful attempts at creating a predictable and complacent course of commerce for incumbent psychologists, further causing harm to its upcoming competitors. They are just asking for a class action lawsuit, and are one FTC investigation away from reality.


To Support this Movement, Protest by using this hashtag on Social Media  #NoEPPP2‬  @ASPPB on Twitter and Facebook.



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